Where millionaires meet and experience life together to help others

The Millionaires Club

A members only organization named after the exclusive group entitled 'The Millionaires Club' which included names like;

JP Morgan, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and others.



The Millionaire's Club is an organization consisting exclusively of members who have accomplished (and presently enjoy) the quality of life milestone of becoming a Millionaire.

(A Minimum Net Worth of $1,000,000.00USD)



Members are invited to exclusive events around the world with business moguls, famous high net worth individuals, and acclaimed leaders. Members share real life stories with fellow Millionaires on how they made it, and what they are doing now.

Recognition of Accomplishment


Member's also receive the Millionaire’s Club 'Seal of Success' that they may share in their social media profiles, business correspondence, and overall life communications. Membership is free and available to all approved Millionaire applicants. No personal data or financial information is ever requested. Only public information is reviewed.

Welcome Fellow Millionaires Doing Life with Successful People

Exclusive Opportunities

Millionaire's Club members have access to exclusive opportunities.

Life with Like Minded People

Our concierges will send you event updates, personal stories, and more.


Build relationships with millionaires & billionaires from all over the world. 


Millionaires come from all industries. Hanging out with celebrities is fun.

The latest popular styles and trends sent to you.


Events promise first class cuisine. Our founder knows a former White House chef, and promises excellence when we eat together.

A place to meet deal makers

Big deals are usually JV's between family offices and high net worth Individuals. The Millionaires Club is the place for deal makers.

Events with Powerful Keynotes Speakers


We invite billionaire speakers to share their wisdom and stories with millionaire club members. 

Some of the brightest minds in the world share their greatest ideas. They are TMC's Rising Stars.


The place where millionaires experience life together

Where hard work and commitment are honored

I love TMC!

As one member said, "It’s just a fantastic club to be a part of!"

Not yet a millionaire?

Need a millionaire mentor?

Join 'Rising Stars'

Just fill out the form below and someone from the Millionaire's Club will contact you. There are continually new job opportunities, mentoring events, and success coaching courses that we support, sponsor, and endorse. We will email you when we have an opportunity that we believe can help you reach your personal goal of becoming a millionaire.

Our goal for existing millionaires is to mentor them or provide them with opportunities to reach 9 digits or even billionaire status. 

We also introduce millionaires to ultra-high net worth families and/or family offices if the meetings make sense and are beneficial to all. You may apply to speak at an event and share your startup's information with our members.

Our incredible staff members

The Millionaires Club

Mailing Address:

3300 NW 185th Ave, Suite 102 

Portland Or, 97229 USA



The Millionaires Club 

Managed by AOTSEO, Inc.

For More Information  503-260-2793